Camp X is a nickname for a Spy-training school located in Whitby, Ontario. The Camp First opened on December 6, 1941 when Winston Churchill decided to start a “secret war “ against Hitlers Army. Winsten knew that more had to be done to his agents if they wanted to win.  Agents had to stay at the camp for 2 years and sleep overnight and Females who attended the camp got picked up each night after training.   Camp X was kept very private as they didn’t want people to know they were training future spies.   They bought a property for $12,000 that had fields, forests, swamps and was rocky.  The camp was historically significant because “They did  advanced training such as learning how to lock pick, police methods, wireless radio operation and morse code”. This camp  developed and trained all agents in silent killing, sabotage, parisian work and recruitment methods.  On the property they also had a “Hydra” which played a role in maintaining flow of information from allied outposts. Camp X was also significant because “By mid 1944 Hydra was transmitting 30 000 and receiving 9,000 messages daily”. They were equipped with the right machines and equipment that allowed them to get messages from allied outposts.  In Conclusion, Camp X was able to train hundreds and most graduates were sent off to WW2 or another training camp in Britain. The techniques that they learned helped them become the best spies and made individuals realize whether or not they were worthy enough to be in war. 

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